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I can’t believe there is so much room to leverage with LinkedIn. This book is like one huge Recipe Book. Module 1 would work great with Personal Profiles. The proper way to get recommendations was priceless. Modules 2-4 are like the main dishes. It presents a good usage of automated tools & private label rights products to drive content. Next comes the strategies for reaching out & building rapport. Finally, making use of the Bonus Resources are like spices to boost success with LinkedIn. Overall a great resource to experiment & digest one part at a time!

Daniel, My Reference Book on Building Business Relationships Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn Leads Machines
The Surefire Way to Know ...

  • How to have an updated, optimized profile that quickly grabs attention and makes an impression ...
  • How to correctly have a LinkedIn company page set up and optimized for your business ...
  • How to look at different styles of content and the best uses for each to create engaging quality information to boost your reputation ...
  • How to create an effective out reach funnel to build your prospect list ...

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn Inside Your Copy of
LinkedIn Leads Machines:

  • 5 best strategies for maximum exposure
  • How to correctly get that recommendations without annoying your audience
  • How to get your LinkedIn headlines noticed
  • 4 key areas to update on your Company Page
  • How to get 30% more weekly view with 5 best practices
  • 6 must-know types of content to dominate the space
  • 10 best ways to repurpose Private Label Rights (PLR) to share on LinkedIn
  • How to pass LinkedIn Feed Spam Filter through our 4 secret ways to create engaging content
  • How to save your time and energy by automation creation of engaging content
  • The step-by-step strategy on how to attract leads to you
  • 6 killer methods to providing value to your leads that will suck them into your funnel
  • 5 things you must do to avoid annoying your prospects on LinkedIn
  • Proper ways to use LinkdedIn Advanced Search to surface up your prospects list
  • Why you need to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your prospecting
  • The essential 5 steps to building your LinkedIn outreach funnel
  • … and much much more!


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Or you just haven’t gotten up the courage to take that “leap of faith” and finally get started…

I’m really looking forward to showing you the LinkedIn Leads Machines blueprint step by step so you too can have the confidence and clarity to using LinkedIn and build your responsive leads.

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